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                                 eNewsletter for December 16, 2016


               A Message from our Executive Director

Some days, lately, the path forward seems difficult.  I want and need to slow down. I want and need to connect more with the earth, with my family, with my friends and those in my community (especially those who voted differently than me). I long to be part of the larger cycles of life that hold our collective future.

I still can't think of a better way to do all these things than by saving seeds. Imagine if we inspired a million more voters who saved seeds.

Join us. Help us. If we all just gave $10 per month automatically, we would continue to build our local grain economies. We would continue to link our emerging seed libraries, seed stewards, and seed teachers. We would continue to inspire and teach in Seed Schools and ensure safety backup storage for our precious seeds in our communities. We would build the foundation for the world we want to live in.

I have always believed this to be a grass-roots movement. The more seed savers we create, the more diversity we will reap. This is a biological truth. Centralized, top-down solutions won't work. No one else will save us.

We now have the technology to combine our resources efficiently to focus on the most important issues of our time. Join our Alliance. We can pay for this ourselves. The time is now. Let's do this. Thank you!

                                                 Bill McDorman

                  The threat to precious things will be our advantage. It clarifies our duty.
                                                                                                        ---Wendell Berry

                    Click here to make your monthly contribution.

We Love Firsts!
“Firsts" are always exciting, and our first Mountain West Seed Summit is no exception. With participants from Organic Seed Alliance, the Center for Food Safety, Tesuque Agricultural Initiative, and esteemed seed companies such as Siskiyou Seeds and Snake River Seed Cooperative, we feel honored to present this unique conference for our Rocky Mountain communities and beyond.
March 3 – 4, 2017
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Early bird: $150 (after the 1st, the event fee will be $195)
Additionally, sign up for the March 2 Field Trip to Tesuque Pueblo Seed Bank, Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute, and NMSU's Sustainable Agriculture Science Center. Click here to register for $65.
Please consider gifting this Summit to a friend or a seed steward in financial need. Click here to make a donation to RMSA and then send an email to stating your intention. Your gift is tax-deductible!
Interested in attending the Summit and have audiovisual skills? We're looking for a couple of volunteers to assist with production at the Summit. Work-trade arrangements are available. Contact Stephen Thomas for info:
Grain School Redux!
grainhand It's here..the moment you heritage grain lovers have been waiting for. Grain School registrations are now open! Sign up today and join us for another fascinating three-day exploration into the world of heritage grains.
Grain School
January 13 – 15, 2017
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

$395 includes lunch and snacks (community participants)
Click here to learn more and register
Restoring our heritage grain traditions and economies is a trend that is spreading around the world. At Grain School, you'll learn from true pioneers of this exciting revival exactly how to make this happen in your own comunity. The key to this is creating local alliances and networks of growers, millers, bakers, brewers, businesspeople, and consumers who are all committed to the cause of locally adapted heritage grains. Grain School is the perfect place to get started!
Seed School Sprouts in the Denver Botanic Gardens
Demand has been high for another Seed School since the release of SEED: The Untold Story, which features RMSA Director BIll McDorman and the Seed School program. Well, we've heard your requests and we are excited to announce a long-awaited full Seed School course at the Denver Botanic Gardens!
Seed School 
April 2 – 7, 2017
Denver Botanic Gardens – Denver, CO
$650 for garden members, $750 for non-members
Membership is only $55
For Seed School details, click here. 
Each One, Teach One
Thanks to everyone who signed up on our Seed Teacher Directory. We are looking forward to spreading seed knowledge exponentially in 2017 with your help!
Whether you have taken a Seed School course or not, we are always looking for more seed teachers to join the ranks. Learn more about the Seed Teachers Directory here and consider signing up if you have some skills and knowledge to share!
This is truly the essence of RMSA as a community-led initiative. We are the Seed Stewards we've been waiting for!
A Renewing Gift for Our Future 
Nearly 600 people have signed up for Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance programs since the 
organization began in 2014. Membership to RMSA has been free to help build a network across our region's communities and inspire people to get involved in reconnecting with their seed traditions. A generous funder backed RMSA during these first few years, but that support is winding down by April 2017.
Now we'd like to ask you to think about what this organization has meant to you. 
If you are reading this, you have probably been impacted by a Seed School, a community seed library, our Seed Steward or Grain Trials program or fascinating non-partisan articles and information on our facebook page. Or perhaps you are seeing more local seeds popping up in your community.  If you want these efforts to continue and believe that local seeds should be the foundation of our regional food systems, please consider making your own gift to RMSA by clicking here. We encourage you to sign up fo a recurring donation.  
With only a small dedicated staff and no brick-and-mortar costs, RMSA is a lean and efficient organization dedicating 70% of its resources to education, networking, and conservation. Your donation directly supports real benefits for your communities, your families, and your future. This is your Alliance—thank you for making this work possible!
Perhaps you would like to make a donation to help with scholarships or general funding for the Seed Summit, Seed School, the Grain Trials program, Seed Stewards, our emerging Rocky Mountain Regional Seed Vault or anything else that catches your fancy? Click here and then please email and indicate your intent. Your gift is tax-deductible!
P.S. We'd love your photos of your seed saving and gardening adventures for our Facebook page and website! Send to

                                             HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

Stay Connected with RMSAheart_of_idaho

For questions regarding seed saving and current seed news, contact Bill McDorman:

For questions about seed vaulting or seed libraries, contact John Caccia:

For general inquiries, contact Belle Starr:

For questions about the Seed Stewards program contact Lee-Ann Hill:

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Stay up to date with current seed news by checking in regularly with the RMSA Facebook page.
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