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     One of the best things about winter is opening up a new seed catalog and poring over the array of beautiful offerings and photos. Perusing the catalogs not only offers hope for a warmer, more delicious and inviting future but can be an adventure in seed education as well.  Many of us put organic at the top of our list of important considerations when purchasing seeds, but do we think about where those seeds are being grown and how they get to the seed companies? The term organic now has a pretty complicated set of standards associated with it and can only be applied by farmers and producers who are certified through an independent agency approved by the USDA. The National Organic Program (NOP) has a 5% tolerance level for pesticide residues detected in organic produce. No GMO residues are allowed in food or seed production; however, no federal agency, including the EPA or USDA, has established tolerance levels for the inadvertent presence of GMOs so it is an ambiguous rule at best. Organic farmers are required to source organic seeds for their crops if they can be found. If not, non-treated, non-GMO seed is acceptable...

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Chat With An Expert:

In this podcast, we chat with seed expert Bill McDorman on Feb. 7th, 2017 about what is happening right now in the Southwest region with seed saving, including the upcoming Seed Summit and other seed events in the region. Bill shares a few insights and a couple interesting stories about some unique and really cool seeds.

Urban Farm Podcast



Citizen Planet

Check out the new story about the power of seed saving at Citizen Planet written by our own Belle Starr:  "

Locally produced seeds yield hardier, more delicious crops. When seeds are grown, saved, and replanted in a particular location year after year, remarkable adaptations develop. Growers can select and save seeds from standout specimens with traits like resistances to pests and diseases, brighter colors, and tastier flavors. In essence, they are carrying the best from one growing season into the next. This is how our ancestors farmed sustainably for over 10,000 years—and it’s the only way to recreate such a system today...  Continue here:


Seed Summit was a huge success!

Dearest Seed Summiteers, Wow, what an incredible gathering of seed supporters from around the globe! I’m still in awe and absolute appreciation of everyone for offering your time, knowledge, and resources for this special reunion and communion of seeds. Our time together was a unique event that we would like to continue virtually and in real time. Here’s what’s in the works. Seed Summit Directory: A directory of Seed Summit attendees, with contact info, will be posted on our site so you can continue to connect, share ideas, and share seeds. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE INCLUDED IN THIS DIRECTORY, PLEASE EMAIL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Keynotes and Workshops: Videos from the conference will be shared on a YouTube Channel. Stay tuned for that info. Photos: If you would like to share photos from the event, You can use the event facebook page at:, or upload them to a google drive at: Message Board: We would like to host a seed message board on our website where people can continue their seed discussions, share resources regarding their seed offerings and events, post seed questions, and support one another, such as postings for seedy “go fund me” campaigns (like for the Silver City Seed Library) and the health and wellness for growers fund, so stay tuned for that.

Survey: Thanks for all of the valuable feedback. If you did not have the opportunity to fill out a survey and would like to, please email me and I will send you one. Events Calendar: We’d love to see and share the seedy events you are offering! We have an events calendar at: where you can view and post your events. For posting, go to: (Be sure to mark the dates on the calendar tab as well as the info on the general tab when creating your event.) Let’s make this an active resource for our seed community! Seed School with a Teacher Training Twist: And on the events note, we have finalized dates for our 2019 Seed School, which will be a hybrid of our popular 6-day courses, Seed School and Seed School Teacher Training. Registration will be live next week at: And don’t forget about Grain School.

We have TWO Grain School offerings in 2019. Grain School in Cottonwood, Arizona is taking place April 12-14th and includes a stellar cast of grain stars including Dr. Gary Nabhan and James Beard Award Winner and baker extraordinaire Don Guerra. Albuquerque Grain School is happening July 25th and 26th at the Albuquerque Museum and local field sites. In partnership with SeedBroadcast, Garden’s Edge, and the Land Art Institute, this is going to be a dynamic event!


This is may be the best summary yet of why we do what we do here at the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance.  As you may know, Belle and I have been working to help Taggart Siegel and Jon Betz birth their new movie, Seed: The Untold Story, coming to theaters in 2015.  I recently flew to New York to help pitch the film at an international gathering called Good Pitch, a partnership between BRITDOC and Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program.  We just connected Taggart and Jon with Stephen Thomas, our go to word smith for powerful portraits about the seed issue.  Stephen just penned the following introduction for a grant request to Sundance Films for Seed: The Untold Story.

SEED: The Untold Story

Few things on Earth are as miraculous and vital as seeds. Worshipped and treasured since the dawn of humankind, these subtle flecks of life are the source of all existence. Like tiny time capsules, they contain the songs, sustenance, memories, and medicines of entire cultures. They feed us, clothe us, and provide the raw materials for our everyday lives. In a very real sense, they are life itself.

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